Office Fees and Insurance Participation


Our office is a participating provider for auto accident injuries (NYS No Fault).  We accept
private pay patients, and can bill some insurance companies out of network.  Our office fee is
$40 per treatment for private pay patients and $20 for children and young adults under 15
years old.  
There is no initial examination fee or consultation fee.  Our office prides itself
on our no hassle approach to spinal health care.  There are no "long term" treatment
contracts to sign or no videos to watch.  Treatment is rendered on the first visit, unless there
is a medical reason found during the examination which need further diagnostic evaluation.  

Many uncomplicated conditions can be helped with as little as 2-4 treatments.  We believe in
empowering our patients by giving choices and options during their course of treatment.  For
this reason, we take a more passive role and suggest what we feel is beneficial, instead of
routinely mandating the same lengthy treatment plans for every single patient, regardless of
what thier condition requires.  This is why we welcome anyone to try our treatment in order to
experience the difference between a Chiropractic assembly line, and the next generation of
Chiropractic care you receive at East Aurora Chiropractic.  

(For added convenience, you may now download and fill out the paperwork required as a
new patient from our website, by visiting the downloads page, or by clicking

Massage Therapy

For an extraordinary massage experience, try a deep tissue massage with Jeannine Gicewicz.
 Jeannine offers a wide variety of massage treatments, including 1/2 hour, 1 hour and 1.5
hour massage therapy sessions.  Jeannine is an East Aurora Native, graduating from EAHS
in 1989, along with a two year course completion in Cosmetology.  Guided by a desire to help
others,  Jeannine decided to change her career, and attended the
New York Institute of
where she graduated top in her class in 2006.  Her academic excellence is equally
matched by her compassionate, caring nature.  Jeannine passionately explains that massage
not only relives stress, but also helps restore the body to its naturally healthy state. Her
motivation to pursue a career in Massage Therapy can be summed up by her own words: "I
am so pleased to finally be in my home town, practicing what I love to do...helping people
through the amazing benefits of massage."  Call 652-7551 to schedule your appointment

Durable Medical Equipment and Home Decompression Devices (DME)

East Aurora Chiropractic now carries an excluseve line of professional level patient-friendly,
at home traction/decompression devices.  Why pay thousands of dollars for decompression
therapy when an at home device would do the same?  As a MEDICARE
DME participating
provider, these devices are covered items.  Call today to find out if your condition qualifies.

Other insurance carriers cover these devices depending on patient need.  We also carry
superior quality lumbar support belts and TENS units.

Reiki Tummo

In addition to combining Massage with traditional Chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Youngers is a
certified Reiki Tummo practitioner.  Reiki Tummo is an advanced form of Reiki.  Unlike
traditional Reiki practitioners, Reiki Tummo involves a deep understanding and knowledge of
our connection to a Divine Source.  This process begins by opening the heart, and
remembering our connection to a higher power within.  For more information contact our
office or visit

Reiki Tummo is only taught by certified practitioners.  At this time, there are only a few in the
United States.  However, practitioners come two to three times per year from Indonesia to
teach locally in Batavia, NY.  Call or
email for more information, or visit the local Reiki Tummo
website at the following link:

True Biomechanically Correct Custom Orthotics

We are proud to offer Sole Supports®  custom orthotics for patients experiencing foot
problems, pelvic unleveling, knee problems and other structural conditions which can be
either helped or reversed with enhanced foot stabilization.  These fantastic state-of-the-art
orthotics are used by the Denver Broncos, and many other professional teams.  For
additional information, please contact our office, or visit the Sole Supports®  website

High Protein/Low Carbohydrate Food Supplements

Whether you are counting carbs or an athlete looking for high quality affordable protein
products, our line of Bariatrix®  food supplements break the rules when it comes to taste and
affordability.  Isolated whey protein fruit drinks mix easily in water and make a great snack for
in-between meals, without the undesirable effects of insulin surge.  Carmel Nut bars help
satisfy the sugar cravings, without the high sugar content.  For more information please
contact our office, or visit the Bariatrix®  website

Lecture Series

In an effort to continuously improve our understanding of the human body, we continuously
review the latest medical research.  For this reason, we will gladly lecture to a group,
organization, business or special occasion on any of the following topics:  Chiropractic, Heart
Disease, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, and Mind-Body healing.  Our Power Point presentations are
second to none.  Contact our office or email if you are interested in one of the lectures, or
would like to host a Book Lecture for
Anatomy of the Soul.