Our Philosophy of Care

We believe actions speak louder than words, and with that in mind, we make it our
personal challenge to get results...fast!  As you may already be aware, low back
pain is one of the most common reasons a person presents to a Chiropractor.  
Research tells us that Chiropractic care was rated ‘by far the best treatment for low
back pain’ in numerous clinical studies, including the famous Canadian Government
funded Magna Study.  Herein lays the question of how to improve on the best
treatment available for uncomplicated low back pain. Our answer to the question
stems form the actual source of acute spinal pain & spinal joint dysfunction.

Spinal Pain Overview

The two main sources of acute pain form the spine and surrounding areas are Joint
fixation & Muscle dysfunction.  When joints become fixated or “subluxated” in the
spine, they actually become stuck to teach other, similar to how a suction cup sticks
to a smooth surface.  This can occur for several reasons: repetitive motion, physical
trauma (such as a car accident), or even by mental and emotional stress.  When
smooth surfaces of like shape and size are pressed up against each other, the
result is a slight vacuum formation, and a resulting decrease in motion of the two
vertebra.  When this happens, the surrounding muscles go into spasm. Pain is
generated from the muscle spasm itself,  toxins produced by the muscle spasm
(mostly lactic acid), and by the mechanical irritation of the joints and ligaments at
the point of spinal fixation.   The result: pain of two distinct origins.  Traditional
Chiropractic adjustments will usually restore spinal motion, but there is more than
an adjustment received from our

Pregnancy Treatment

Chiropractic treatment is of significant benefit for pregnant moms.  For years,
Obstetricions have been referring patients for Chiropractic treatment of low back
pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches and restless leg syndrome.  Experience the
safe and effective benefits of Chiropractic care. Our treatment facililties are
specially equipped to accomodate expecting mothers.  With specially designed
treatment tables, pregnant patients are able to lie on their stomach while soft tissue
massage and gentle spinal manipulation are performed to help sooth sore muscles
and restricted spinal joints.